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Our Next Bout
Bout: Super Mario Blockers
Date: May 3rd 2014
Teams: Breakers v Dollys
Where: Springers
Tickets: Coming Soon.
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Latest Scores
On like Donkey Kong SSRD(B) 323 EVRD 122
Geelong Double SSRD(B) 282 GRDL(B) 152
Geelong Double SSRD(A) 186 GRDL(A) 148
Cirque Breakers 283 Charmers 130
Deck The Girls SSRD(A) 196 BRDL 162

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Latest News
Super Mario Blockers are out for derby glory... oh and to rescue the princess.
Sun, 13 Apr 2014

The Blackheart Breakers are back and this time out for all the Dolly's extra lives.

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Latest Action Shot
Graceful as always, Herbie the Shovebug dances around Assault 'n' Pepper
Bout: Final SmackDown
Date: 30/11/13
Teams: Dollys v Charmers
Where: Springers

Photo by:
Naomi Schwabe Artist

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