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Our Next Bout
Bout: I Love Block 'n' Roll
Date: Sept 20th
Teams: Charmers v Breakers
Where: Springers
Tickets: Available Soon
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Latest Scores
Skate Wars Dollys 173 Charmers 107
TGSS Bout 2 SSRD(A) 130 BCR(A) 80
TGSS Bout 1 CRDL(A) 226 SSRD(A) 95
Empire Strikes Back SSRD(A) 158 NSR(A) 84
Return of the Jedi SSRD(B) 179 NSR(B) 112

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Latest News
Skaters Up !
Wed, 2 Jul 2014

It’s been nine long months since the Rebellious Charmers defeated the Galactic Alliance of Dolly Rogers. Both have since been in Jedi Training to prepare for this rematch!

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Latest Action Shot
Bout: On Like Donkey Kong
Date: 12/4/14
Teams: SSRD v EVRD
Where: Knox

Photo by:
Derby Digital

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