Roller Derby is an excitingfull contact sport played on roller skates.

A game has two 30 minutes halves full of short, action packed “jams” which last up to two minutes each. Teams field up to 15 skaters with 5 players from each team on the track at a time. One is the jammer & the remaining skaters form a pack of blockers.

The jammer wears a star on their helmet and scores points for their team by passing opposing blockers, after their initial pass through the pack.

Blockers attempt to stop the opposing jammer and assist their own jammer playing both defense and offense at the same time!

It is a full contact sport that requires skill and athleticism with rules and penalties for unsafe gameplay.

As expected, the team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Checkout these three quick videos by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) for more info and you can read all of the rules on the WFTDA site: